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Let's face it: SEO is darn hard.

SEO is getting harder & harder each day. Yet, Google is the best source of qualified traffic you can get. While you are reading that sentence, Google is processing over 68,000+ searches per second. How many end up with your competitors?

Google Search Algorithm is powered by Rank Brain - Machine Learning system with Artificial Intelligence. It’s a highly sophisticated robot delivering search results that we see. These search results are individually personalized to each person based on their browsing behaviour patterns. On top of that, we have dozens of ranking factors different across verticals and industries. Not long time ago, back in 2015 there used to be over 200 ranking factors with multiple Google updates a year. Now, a lot of previous ranking factors are still relevant. Things like: rock-solid technical foundation, site speed, quality content & most importantly high-quality backlinks. But now with a Rank Brain, it’s also more about the user's interaction with search results. Things like Dwell Time, Bounce Rate & overall UX has become increasingly important. 

That's not all. Google is not the only one getting smarter. Big brands & your competitors are getting stronger. By allocating big budgets they want to dominate search results and get the bigger piece of the pie. That's especially true in SaaS, where big players can outrank anyone. Try competing with HubSpot for "marketing automation" keyword. 

So, if you are reading this we are also almost sure that you need a SaaS SEO experts to help you with the “SEO stuff”. Good! You’ve come to the right place.  Don't worry. We’ve got you covered. 

Rest assured, we are focusing our work only on sustainable, white-hat SEO techniques. We are here to help you get the traffic to your site that turns into customers. 

That's what we do.